Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Aren't We All Miss Home?

You are right! Pepperidge Farm cookies are just sensational.
But what made me cry when my grand mother passed away?
The fear of missing her or missing the home made cookies?

Call Raffles, the best hotel noted by all magazine.
But I always wonder why my home crisp bed,
cleaned and neaten by Mbak Pargi every morning
elegantly put me into a deep sleep faster?

Tivoli, the seven wonder garden on earth.
But can any garden beat the beauty
of the leaves, flowers and soil touched by my mother's hand
every morning?

Again you are right!
Ogilvy, Lowe, Cabe Rawit, Advis,
McCann, Dentsu, Perwanal, Euro KL
are just the best agencies in this country that I had worked with.
But can any agencies beat the joy
of having a morning brainstorming with
Homemade cookies on a homemade bed in front
of a home-arranged garden?
With our own closest and caring friends?

Dear Friends,
have a safe trip 'pulang kampung'.
Send my regards to all of yours and home.
Let us value this place called home.
For a home will keep you warm and human.
For good.

Minal Aidin Walfaidzin.


muzakir said...

I miss home too. I miss my mother's opor ayam. slurp.... yummy... batal deh puasa gue.
kangen ponakan gue juga yang baru dua tahun yang belakangan selalu nelp gue merengek minta ikan badut gara-gara nonton Nemo. "belinya dua. satu ibunya, satu anaknya. tapi yang anaknya mau dimatiin." hihihihihi....

Alia said...

Minal aidzin wal faidzin juga mas glenn.
Mohon maaf lahir bathin.

And yes, home will always be home sweet home.

Mister G said...

No roof but the sky. No wall but the wind. And some men got to call it... Home.