Friday, September 02, 2005

With Hope for The Better


Here is the logo of our new print project.

Image hosted by

Will again in continuing our journey
to give more alternative for local advertising scene.

Still the same old fellas will help me through.
Yuliana and Cecil the purest heart illustrator and Daniel the i-think-it-will-be-better-if digital imaging.
Plus, Baby... our creative soul expresses her thoughts in english.
And as usual, we are working under such a tight doe!
Freelancer! Freelancer! Anyone?

Please say a little prayer for us.
For no reason, this time around i am so nervous.

1 comment:

fERDI:) said...

Freelancer! Freelancer! Anyone?

Umm... mohon maaf kebetulan saya nganggur, Pak; kira-kira saya bisa membantu apa?

[Serius lho, Boss....]

Ferdi Kom '98