Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My New Year's Resolution

I want to live
I want to die

I want to fly
I want to fall

I want to love
I want to hurt

I want to be a giant
I want to be a dwarf

I want to be your friend
I want to be your foe

I want to be an Art Director
I want to be a Copywriter

I want to win
I want to loose

I want to be a smart
I want to be a dumber

I want to be the first
I want to be the last

I want to be anything
I want to be nothing

I want to be special
I want to be common

And yes, I want to be a man
I want to be a woman

I just want to be me.
And you just want to be you.

And so we can be friend.
And so we can be lover.
And so we can be.

Have a wonderful New Year,
wonderful future.
For all you, all of you,
thank you for being my friends.


sharm said...

hey glenn..

wishing you a great year full of all those things! i'm so glad we found each other again.

sharm x

glenn_marsalim said...

happy new year, sharm sayang..
have a great new year!

Arief said...

Have a new year, have a new achievement.. What a great thing in live is that we can be what we wanna be.. not what others want we to become.. Good luck Mr. Glenn.. So be it :)

Luigi said...

may the goals and expectation that you may have written be the consistent guidance as you put your next step in 2006.. Wishing you success in your current quests..

Alia said...

Happy New Years Eve to you too, Mas Glenn.
May your resolutions come to true.

amymaria said...

happy new year to u too,,,,love ur simple poem. for me the conclusion, just do wat u want to do at tis very moment..dont regret over ur life! ..

Agashi said...

a bit late..but better than nothing..just wanna say i love you and love your so human..anything can happen..can be good..can be bad..just accept it as what they are..and like amymaria said..don't regret over ur life...also don't be nervous about the present always